Monday Makes - Rainbow Wand

So, I guess you could say we like parties. One of my favourite things about kids parties, apart from the piñatas obvs, is the party bags. I love searching out little bits that don’t cost too much but are a bit more interesting than the plastic tat you get in your average party bag. Generally we have a party theme and I try to get bits that fit with that theme. For her second birthday my daughter had a rainbow party. I decided I would make one of the party bag fillers, a rainbow wand! Not only are they pretty great magic wands, they also make brilliant cat toys.

So our first Monday Make is Rainbow Wands- they obviously don’t have to be rainbows, pick any colour you like! 

All you Need-

1cm wooden dowel

3-6 x 70cm lengths of ribbon

1x screw in eyelet

Sewing machine (or needle and thread)


Let’s get started…

Firstly I bought the dowel from B&Q where it comes in 90cm lengths. So I had to cut it into 3 lengths aprox. 30cm each and sanded down the ends. Alternatively you can order precut 30cm lengths from amazon.

Then screw the eyelet into the end.

Next thread your ribbon through the eyelet, I used 6 ribbons as I wanted a rainbow effect but you can use between 3-6 ribbons. I used aprox 70cm lengths but again you can make them longer or shorter depending on the look you want.

Pull the ribbons through and straighten them up. Make sure they are lying flat against each other and the ends are lined up.

I then got the sewing machine out and stitched back and forth about a centimeter away from the eyelet to secure. If you don’t have a sewing machine you can either hand stitch or glue gun- just make sure its not going to fall apart!

Finally trim the ends and if you don’t want them to fray carefully melt the ends with a lighter.

There you have it, first Monday Make done.