Monday Makes - Valentines Heart Garland

With Valentines next week I have a super quick and easy project for this Monday make. I am one of those people who buys things thinking ‘this will come in handy’ but with no real plan of what to do with said things. Some might call that hoarding I like to think of it as being prepared! All the components of this easy little project are items that I bought not knowing what to do with. I got the string in the Paperchase sale, the glitter paper from Hobbycraft ages ago and the hole punch has been in my craft drawer forever gathering dust!

So without further ado.

You will need.

4x A5 sheets of glitter (or patterned) paper/card

2m Pretty string/ribbon


Hole punch


First things first cut out your heart shapes- 10 per 2m garland. I did this free hand and squeezed out as many as possible from a sheet by cutting different sizes. If you like you can use a stencil or, if you’re fancy, a die cutter to get them all the same shape.

Then punch two holes in the top of your heart and lay the hearts out in the order you want them to sit.

Next thread your string/ribbon through the holes. Space them out evenly and hang where your love can see them!

I actually had so many hearts that I made 2 x 2m long garlands. So, for fun, I will send a little package of love to the first person to comment on the picture below on my Instagram with the tag #spreadthelove. If you click on the picture it should take you to my Instagram!