Golden Heart Piñata

Golden Heart Piñata

from 22.00

Nothing says i love you like a golden heart filled with sweets!

Entertain big and little wedding guests with this heart piñata- either fill with sweets to smash up on the big day or use as an alternative guest book. Get your guests to fill with notes, advise and best wishes and save until your first anniversary. Then you can have fun smashing it up and reading all the notes inside.

Want a different size? just ask!

Small 25cm x30cm

Medium 35cm x 40cm

Large 45cm x 50cm

Comes unfilled- please message if you would like it filled and we can discuss options.

All Piñatas come with a loop at the top for hanging and a little door for adding treats.

Turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks. Please make a note of the date you need your piñata by at the checkout so it is sure to get to you in plenty of time.

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